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science communication products and tools

Kate specialises in producing scientific communication products, displaying complex science results in an easy-to-understand format. Products range from one-off diagrams, maps and presentations to short brochures, longer reports and full project branding and collateral.

Brought to life with images, diagrams, maps and text, printed and electronic documents can deliver a large amount of information to a broad audience. Whether it is a short newsletter for the general public or a poster for a scientific conference, I can help make that document deliver your message and stand out from the crowd.

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ecosystem health report cards

Report cards are a great way to present a large amount of scientific data in an easy-to-understand format. Scientific data is analysed and distilled into easily comparable scores which can be tracked over time.

    reports and books

    Rich in information delivered through a range of tools, reports can provide details on methods, background information and in-depth discussion.


      newsletters and fact sheets

      By using novel information graphics and communication tools, short newsletters and fact sheets are succinct yet informative and allow for regular updates on projects or specific topics of note.


        Posters provide an excellent way to showcase your project, group, or outputs and with thought and appropriate design, have life well beyond a single conference or workshop.

          If a picture is worth a thousand words, a diagram is worth a million! Science comes alive in diagrams, graphics and maps, with complex concepts and ideas summarised with arrows and icons. Adopting and building upon the IAN symbol library, I can help you reach a broad audience from peers to politicians.

          diagrams and maps

          From simple graphs to 3D conceptual diagrams, complex scientific concepts can be simply and aesthetically explained. Maps and graphs don't have to be boring, make your products stand out from the rest.

            graphics for journals and books

            Just because the print is black and white, doesn't mean your graphics should be bland. Diagrams and maps can be just as informative in black and white and still meet journal specifications.

              animated presentations

              Wow your audience with animated and dynamic presentations incorporating diagrams, maps and images. Ditch the standard sounds and fly-ins and animate with a purpose.

                From full design to updating an existing site, I work with you to design and develop a site to suit your needs. Your site can range from simple to dynamic and incorporate new technologies to best reach your audience. I can also create graphics, images, maps and content to best suit your website requirements.

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                full design and development

                I can work with you to implement a full website incorporating new or existing branding. You can take on the ongoing site management through an open-source content management system or leave with me to manage - the choice is up to you!

                  updates using existing systems

                  With experience using a range of content management systems such as Drupal, Wordpress, Plone, DotNetNuke, Business Catalyst and more, I can help update and maintain your existing site. I will work with you to keep your site relevant and up to date.

                    Clear information and punchy design can give your conference the professional edge attracting sponsors and delegates. My involvement can range from a simple cover or graphic design to full product development, social media, website updates and on-site newsletter development.

                    conferences and events

                    Developing a brand for a conference helps to coordinate all the various products and helps to attract sponsors and delegates. With the design of one or two products, you can then take these concepts and apply to other products to maintain that consistency.

                      Good and consistent branding is critical to any business, organisation, project or event. Branding helps to identify your products and provide linkages for your audience across your full range of products. I can build on existing branding or work with you to create your own branding.

                      Great Lakes report cards

                      Branding has been maintained yet refreshed over several years over a wide range of products. Consistent branding reminds the audience of the past year and that the Council has a long-term plan for the waterways of the region.

                        Fitzroy Partnership for River Health

                        A range of products including a Report Card, postcard, displays and diagrams were developed incorporating consistent Partnership style and branding.

                          Marovo project

                          This project worked with small villages and Solomon Island locals, and it was important that they knew who we were and our projects purpose. Through consistently branded products, they could follow our progress and outputs.